What we do

One Village works with communities to care for those in need, increase their income through training, education & skills development. Improve nutrition, care for the environment; thereby improving the quality of life in our communities.

Outline of projects

These are some of the projects we spearhead or are involved in.

Education with Impact

Skills development & workshops
Teaching life skills & mentorship
Arts & culture initiative

Sustainable feeding

Empowering community to feed their needy and reduce crime rate in the area - 50 soup kitchens (and counting).
Sustainable gardens and permaculture initiative.
Environmental awareness through greening and tree planting.
R2 and R5 meals project.

Empowerment via networking

Partnering with NPOs, clubs, organizations, government and local municipality via sharing of information and driving community projects.
Working together with schools, churches and local business.
R5 cash off the street initiative.

Employment & entrepreneurship

Product and mentorship support
One Village secondhand shop
Eco-carwash and market project
Permaculture garden
Man-on-the-move project (casual labour vetting)
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